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Mortgage Agent

Service First:
"No judgement, only solutions!"
Liz can help you "make it happen" for the homeowner in you!

Through personalized and strategic problem solving, Liz will provide solutions to minimize stress in obtaining your mortgage

The Mortgage Centre

Finding Great Solutions
for Her Clients.

  • Purchases (Including First Time Buyer)
  • Refinance (Including Consolidation of Debts)
  • Equity Take out (Renovations or Investments)
  • Construction Loan
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Personal Loan up to $20k within 2 days (Home-owners Only)

** (Conditions Apply / Qualified Applicants Only)

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Finding Great Solutions for Her Clients

Why work with Escapes2 Inc.?

There are so many advantages of using a mortgage broker. Some reasons are:

  • The ability to compare many different types of mortgages without having your credit report pulled each and every time.
  • You have access to a variety of lenders, different mortgage products and different rates with a single point of contact here at Escapes2 Inc.
  • Greater flexibility when finding the right time to meet with your broker. Options to have phone and/or video meetings and eventually in-person meetings.
  • Access to your mortgage broker’s in-depth industry knowledge and specifically the area you are looking at.
  • Our service is free when the mortgage is paid by the lender; which is the majority of mortgages A and B products, however for Private mortgages and some B products, there may be a fee applied when the lender does not pay the brokerage channel.
  • Mortgage brokers are independent third parties who can negotiate on your behalf to get you the right mortgage for your needs.

Mortgage Process

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