Liz began her mortgaging career in Apr 2013, after 20+ years of being in the client services / financial industry. She has adapted to this ever-changing industry continuously, from record low-interest rates, to stress tests, her strength was in calming clients down while finding great solutions for their personal needs. Liz is a resourceful "dreamer" (#dream-maker), and loves to encourage her clients to obtain financing to “Escapes2” what can be their realities as well!

  • Purchases (Including First Time Buyer)
  • Refinance (Including Consolidation of Debts)
  • Equity Take out (Renovations or Investments)
  • Construction Loan
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Personal Loan up to $20k within 2 days (Home-owners Only)

** (Conditions Apply / Qualified Applicants Only)

Service First:
"No judgement, only solutions!"

Liz and her team can help you "make it happen" for the homeowner in you!

Through personalized and strategic problem solving, Liz will provide solutions to minimize stress in obtaining your mortgage.

As a mortgage agent, her primary job is to reduce the burdens of obtaining a mortgage through strategic thinking creating the optimal mortgage solution for each personal situation. She’s seen it all, and plugs away at making it happen!

We remember the stresses of finding that "perfect home" to suit everyone’s needs, and the consolidation of debts necessary at times, and would love to share our "Escapes2" your freedom call!

We operate primarily by "Business by Referral" ensuring our passion for going above and beyond for EACH client.

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