Complete the Application

You can begin the application process and provide as much information up-front as possible. This gives us a big head start and allows us to move through the process more efficiently. No stone unturned, if there's a story, let me have it! It's the only way to find the right lender for you! (Similar to a "specialist" referral from a doctor)

Assess Your Eligibility

The first step is important and will set the tone for the entire rest of the process. You and your "Escapes2" mortgage professional will review your credit profile, set expectations and discuss some available financing options.

Prepare Documentation

This next step is where we need your help getting your documents to us as fast as possible. You will be providing us items such as T4’s, Pay stubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements and other employment history. Typical documents required are listed here.

Property Appraisal

An appraisal usually is required in this market. Usually the cost of an appraisal is yours, however there are many solutions to that depending if your application qualifies. By Partnering with the right product, this cost can sometimes be absorbed by the lender.

Mortgage Refinance Oakville

The Approval!

Finally! The most exciting step. Receiving your Approval~

Once we receive your approval from the lender, we will package all of your documents together and invite you to review and sign off.

The commitments will always come with a list of conditions (hopefully already partially or fully met) that need to be fulfilled.
If we have successfully completed the first few steps above, there will not be very many conditions left to fulfill. However, if there are any, we will work together to resolve them right away and move forward with your closing.

Once all signed documents are received and conditions are fulfilled, we will work closely with the lender, realtor, your lawyer and the closing lawyer/company to begin the closing process. We will work alongside your lawyer to ensure everything proceeds on schedule and your closing is smooth and efficient.

** Now enjoy the moment as you receive the keys to your new home **